Building Renovations

Are you looking for a solution on the renovation of your building / office space?
Are you making additions or changes to your existing offices? We can assist you with the following…

  • Ceilings repairs
  • Wall repairs (i.e. painting, wallpaper, patching, skimming, plastering)
  • Floor repairs (i.e. carpeting, tiling, wooden flooring, vinyl flooring)
  • Electrical (fault finding, repairs, compliance certificates, adding additional)
  • Lighting (fault finding, replace globes, replace fittings, add fittings )
  • Air-Conditioning (fault finding, servicing, repairing, installation of new)
  • Plumbing (fault finding, servicing, repairs, installation of new)
  • Access control (servicing, adding new)
  • Alarm system (servicing, adding new)
  • CCTV (servicing, adding new)
  • Sprinkler system (servicing, adding new)
  • Smoke detection (servicing, adding new)
  • Brickwork (internal and external - repairs and new)
  • Paving (repairs and new)
  • Roofing (repairs and new)
  • Waterproofing (repairs and new)