Featured Cleaning Services

Proper Maintenance to Keep Your Space Looking Its Best
When the details of your home or business need special attention, Black men
Janitorial Service is here to complete the job. 
In addition to routine cleanings, the following services will keep your home or
business looking good as new

Pressure Cleaning
We Power-wash Dirt and Grime…Creating Clean,
Inviting Outdoor Spaces
Sometimes, slow and steady won’t clean your exterior space. Heavy-duty
cleaning jobs call for a heavy-duty solution. 
That’s where our pressure cleaning service comes in.
Whether it’s for your home or your commercial space, Black men Janitorial
Service offers powerful, yet environmentally-friendly pressure washing to
restore high-traffic outdoor areas to a clean, refreshing finish.

Pressure Cleaning Services
Curb appeal makes or breaks first impressions. Let’s make them.
Our professional power-washing takes care of all of the following:
• Sidewalks, entryways and driveways
• Patios and verandas
• Building exteriors
• Parking lots
Our services are perfect for:
• Dumpster areas
• Oil and grease removal
• Restaurant and bank drive-thrus
• Post-construction clean up
• Patios
No job in amman is too big or small for our pressure cleaning expertise.


Floor and Carpet Cleaning
Thorough Green Cleaning = Shining Floors, Spotless
They’re not just the surfaces we walk on. The floor of your home or office says
everything about you.
Whether you’re having friends and family visit your home…or you invite
clients into your place of business for meetings…your floors reflect you and
the health of your space.
And because you’re awesome, your floors should be shiny and stain-free. 
That’s why Black men Janitorial Service is on a mission to breathe new life
into the floors and carpets of amman

Floor Cleaning Services

For floors of all types, we offer stripping, scrubbing, sealing, waxing and buffing. Your floors will be left fresh and clean, with a glossy finish.

We also offer:

– Tile and grout restoration and sealing – Natural stone restoration and polishing

100% 5-Star Rated! Dry in 1-2 hours! Great results! Longer Lasting ; Deeper Clean for Your Carpet!


Window Cleaning
Our Deep Green Cleaning Makes Windows Sparkle
and Shine
Windows are gateways to the world…letting the light stream inside, letting our
hopeful gaze flow outward. 
(Yes, we’re a little sentimental about windows. And the effort we put into our
professional window cleaning services shows just how much we care.)
At home, clean windows will let in pure, unfiltered light. And because your
windows will be washed without harsh chemicals and solvents, you can rest
easy, knowing you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones.  
And in the office, sparkling-clean windows create a powerful professional
impact on clients and coworkers alike.

Window Cleaning Services

We use ionized soft water when we clean windows and mirrors.
The benefits? No streaks, no residue, and no oxidation on the frames.
Just a crystal-clear, exquisite view.
Our specialized services include the following:
– Small Bathroom Windows –
Small or Large
– Sliding Door
– Accent Windows
-No Screens
– Includes: Sills, Tracks, Screens, Frames
-*Additional fees according to accessibility and height for windows to be

For the best window cleaning services, Amman residents and business
people everywhere—can trust BLACK Men Janitorial Service and our
decade-plus of


Upholstery Cleaning
Freshen Your Upholstery with Deep Green Cleaning
Couches and chairs are where we sit, recline, and relax. But for them to be as welcoming as possible, they need to be bright and clean… At home, refreshed upholstery is the perfect finishing touch on the sofas and chairs that mean a lot to you. Rather than throwing them out, why not give them a fresh start? Turn your living room into a place you can live in…where
you can recline and let the pressures of the day fade away. 
And at the office, shimmering, fresh upholstery lets clients and customers
know that you’re a professional. No question about it.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services
Black Men Janitorial Service inspects every inch of your sofa, chair, loveseat, bench or other upholstered items.
With delicate, green cleaning agents, we’ll
extract dirt, condition the upholstery, and restore your items to their former glory..